JA Solar JAM72S20-450MR

Monocrystalline photovoltaic module JA Solar JAM72S20-450MR

    • Power: 450 W
    • Efficiency: 20.2%
    • Dimensions: 2120 × 1052 × 40 mm

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Assembled with multi-busbar cells, the half-cell configuration of the modules offers the advantages of higher power output, better temperature-dependent performance, reduced shading effect on the energy generation, lower risk of hot spot, as well as enhanced tolerance for mechanical loading.

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JA Solar

Type of module


Rated Power - Pmax (STC)

450 W

Open Circuit Voltage - Voc (STC)

49.7 V

Short Circuit Current - Isc (STC)

11.36 A

Max. Power Voltage - Vmpp (STC)

41.52 V

Max. Power Current - Impp (STC)

10.84 A

Module Efficiency

20.2 %

Maximum Power pmax (NOCT)

340 W

Open Circuit Voltage - Voc (NOCT)

46.90 V

Short Circuit Current - Isc (NOCT)

9.25 A

Voltage at Maximum Power - Vmpp (NOCT)

39.19 V

Current at Maximum Power - Impp (NOCT)

8.68 A


2120*1052*40 mm


25 kg


4mm² (IEC), 12 AWG (UL)


IP68, three diodes

Operational Temperature

-40℃ ~+85℃

Max. Series Fuse Rating

20 A

Max. static load, front

5400 Pa

Max. static load, back

2400 Pa

Nominal Operating temperature (NOCT)


Temperature Coefficient of Voc


Temperature Coefficient of Isc


Temperature Coefficient of Pmax


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